News Article Scenarios

In preparing the students to write their news articles for their Provicinal Achievement Tests, I provided them with multiple scenarios they could pick from to write news articles for practice. I formatted the scenarios to look like the ones they would receive in their PAT’s, and chose topics to try and engage them with the material, so I could work on them with the students after their first draft to help hone their article writing skills.


News Article Scenarios


Accountability Chart

This was a chart crafted with the students that was then given to them for use in their visual journals. It was comprised of the top half where the question was posed as to what their student elected city councillors did for their little craft city based on issues and promises made to the public, and then from research, we did as a class as to what our provincial MLA’s do for their constituencies.


Accountability Chart

Rights Dramatization Lesson

Over the course of several days, I had students plan perform plays based around the concept of what would happen if some of their rights were taken away. It was used as an assessment of their learning from prior lessons, and also as a means to tie into their dystopian novels they were reading at the time.


Rights Dramatizations Lesson

Classroom Charter Lesson

When introducing the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, I had the class work through the concepts of Rights and Freedoms, and then as a class we developed our own Charter of Rights and Freedoms for the classroom to help demonstrate the process of crafting an important document and to show its value to the students.


Classroom Charter Lesson

Audience Lesson Plan

This was a fun and informative lesson, as I took students through their rubric for their Provincial Achievement Test for their short stories, and explained to them why it’s important to write for an audience. I then took them through a list of things teachers like to read in their stories by asking a fellow teacher if she liked certain kinds of content in stories she read, to help guide them through what kind of content they should be trying to aim for in their stories.


Audience Lesson

Provincial Structure Lessons

In these two lessons, I took students through the Canadian provincial governments are structured, using a combination of lecture, interactivity, and body movement to engage different aspects of learning.

Provincial Structure and Representation Lesson

Provincial Structure and Representation Lesson part 2